Sunday, March 02, 2008

Metal Gear American

I'm very nearly shedding tears with the recent announcement that MGS4 will not have a Japanese language track stateside. Evidently, Kojima couldn't fit everything he wanted onto a single disc and this is one of the cuts they'll be making.

The only reason this is blog-worthy? No one else I talk to seems to care! Now, I'm not the kind of elitist girl who turns her nose up at the impurities of dubbing. But with 99% of my favorite games and movies, the translation and the voiceover just don't do the original justice. I find the voice actors hired by Japanese developers to be completely dull at best and infuriatingly irritating at worst. When Blue Dragon started up with American voice actors, I scrambled to reach for my controller and switch the options to Japanese.

And with Metal Gear? I just can't imagine sitting through such a convoluted story and such epic cutscenes if they're being read by whatever twobit American hack Konami could get their hands on.

*deep breath*

I will admit that I'm not the world's number one Metal Gear Solid fan. I won't slice my wrists if the game passes me by. But I was looking forward to more quality content for my dusty PS3. And I don't know if I'm up for more David Hayter. (Brilliant as he was in Eternal Darkness.)


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Mr. F said...

Kaitlyn, you're looking at this backwards. Think about how fantastic it is that they made a game thats at least 25 Gigs of info, probably 50 Gigs. That's a black holes worth of dense sweetness. Have faith no need to worry about something that might not even be a problem.


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