Monday, May 19, 2008

Arrogant Developers

According to Denis Dyack, the incredible, engrossing, action-packed co-op mode of Too Human will not incorporate the gripping, groundbreaking storytelling of the single player campaign. So, you can either play through it with a friend or you can experience the story.

Apparently, the justification for this "design choice" was as follows: "we pulled that out because we didn't think people would want to sit through the cinematics." What? Thanks, Silicon Knights for so poorly reading the minds of gamers and not even giving us the CHOICE of watching the story.

God forbid I want my first playthrough to be on co-op. Or God forbid I want to introduce my friend to this incredible story by playing a few levels together. And God forbid you include the option to skip the cutscenes—a technological feat that Gears of War co-op, Halo co-op, and even freaking Guild Wars has!

I'm sorry. This makes me so upset. "Design choices" like this show a basic failure of developers to appreciate that some people enjoy gaming as a social experience.

I know many people wouldn't even care or notice this. But social and co-operative gaming is really important to me... I think it's so crucial to breaking stereotypes about gamers and pushing the industry to develop innovative products. Silicon Knights is basically forcing me to play through it alone. Nice one, guys.


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