Friday, March 13, 2009

RE5 and Gaming Anticipation

If you follow my gaming life at all, you'll know that I've been stuck in a Team Fortress addiction for... eons. L4D is a nice nightcap every once in a while, but it's pretty much TF2 that has me glued to the controller day in and day out.

Maybe it's time to change all that...! Last night, they started selling Resident Evil 5. It's the latest entry in a series that has always been top quality entertainment—and sometimes much more than that. So I'm eagerly anticipating all that is scary and exciting (and delicious) in RE5. I know many of my friends are already playing it, but I didn't see the point in picking it up at the midnight release. (I do have to earn a living during the day, after all.) So, after work, I'll scurry down to my local game store and drop $60 on the release.

There's something inherently nostalgic in rushing to a game store, clutching your hard-earned money on the day a new game comes out. Something about it makes me a little giddy and, I think, makes me enjoy the game a bit more. It's a feeling not unlike when your mom would give you a single dollar bill and you would scramble off to the arcade. I would always run straight to the change machine, get my trusty quarters, then stand in awe—or maybe nervous anticipation—wondering what to play. What game pried those four sweaty quarters out of your hand? For me it was Cruisin' USA. I know, it doesn't exactly give me gaming street cred. But I just loved that game.

There's something else special about RE5 for me. I get to play it with someone I love. The social aspect of gaming has always been the one thing bringing me back. And playing a cooperative survival horror game with my best friend is the happiest thing a girl can ask for.